• A steps toward a greener future

Offer an innovative and intuitive electric vehicle to India that has been designed from the ground up to create the high value deemed necessary environmentally, technologically, aesthetically and socially, which can drive the ‘change’ from conventional to electric Cambio

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Cambio speaks car

Since the day it came into existence, we taught it the language of a beautiful vehicle. As it grew, the smart one, it identified the prospects not only of a vehicle destined for the future, but one that we need right now. It browsed and studied and learned. It learned some more, and did not stop there. It told us that in order to be able to keep moving ahead, we needed to change. Change from fossil fuels to electric. From harming the planet to helping it. What’s more, electric is exciting, it told us

Sarang Deshpande


Yash Trivedi


Raj Anupam


Abhishek Singh



CAD designing


Project Planning


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Email : cambio@iic.ac.in
Phone : +91-9408895601

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